Klausner Family tour

The perfect travel companion is someone who is smart, knowledgeable and interesting; can tell a great story; is flexible, low-key, patient and amusing, and always knows the best places to sightsee, eat, shop and find a clean bathroom. David, you embodied all of these qualities and more as you enlightened us on the beauty and complexity of Israel, both viscerally and intellectually. We could not have asked for a better guide - and as an added bonus we made a wonderful new friend. We would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone looking for a truly memorable travel experience, and we will always treasure our time spent with you.

With Gratitude,

Susan and Neal Klausner
New Jersey , June 2017

Roarty family tour

Dear David:

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed touring Israel with you. In reflecting upon our trip, several things stand out. First, we appreciated very much your deep understanding of all three of the major faiths in Israel’s history. You consistently related the beliefs of all three to the things we were seeing with respect and neutrality.

Second, you have a genuine talent for storytelling. Many times as we sat in a historical venue, you vividly described the historical context of events that took place there and the personalities involved in them.
Your telling of the story of the first century synagogue in Capernaum would be an excellent example of pulling together history, politics, archaeology and scripture in a way that made the place come alive.

Finally, several times you reviewed the itinerary to check our level of interest in planned events and then made adjustments to accommodate our interests. We appreciated both the sensitivity and the flexibility. All in all, we felt you did an excellent job. We have thanked the friend who referred you to us, and we will join him in referring you to others.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Roarty family tour
October 2016

Seton Hall University, Visiting scholar program Holy Land course

To Whom It May Concern,The visiting scholar program of Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology continued during the Fall 2015 semester with our first interfaith visiting lecturer. David Hyman, an Israeli tour guide and educator with whom ICSST has worked on all of our recent pilgrimages, has been hosted by the Seminary School of Theology. Mr. Hyman is teaching an elective graduate course “The Holy Land in the First Century.” This course is cross-listed with the Departments of Biblical Studies and Church History. It has thirty-one (31) students enrolled in it.Mr. Hyman offered a public lecture sponsored by the Seminary School of Theology entitled On the Bible Trail: Experiencing Israel on October 8, 2015 in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd to a full audience. This presentation, illustrated by PowerPoint, explored sites in the Holy Land significant in the faith of both Jews and Christians (Mt. Hermon; Mt. Carmel; Mt. Tabor; Gilboah; the Jordan River; Nazareth/Bethlehem/Hebron; the city of Jerusalem).Mr. Hyman also presented Set in Stone: Scriptural Themes in Mosaic Floors in the Holy Land as a faculty academic colloquium on November 17, 2015. This presentation and discussion reviewed significant mosaic imagery in ancient synagogues and churches.In addition, Mr. Hyman served as an adjunct member of the Department of Biblical Studies and the Seminary School of Theology, participating in all of the regular meetings of both. He undertook several outside speaking engagements to audiences of Jews and Christians over the course of the semester. In all of his teaching engagements and community life, Mr. Hyman has more than met the expectations of our faculty and institution. He has been an active and valued member of our community, with whom we have been delighted and honored to work.

Rev. Christopher M. Ciccarino, SSL, STD.
Associate Dean for Seminary & Academic Studies
December 2015

Shoreshim House, New Zealand

David is an outstanding guide and ambassador for Israel. As the leader of a tour group from New Zealand we have availed ourselves of David's expertise at depth. A more committed and dedicated guide you will struggle to find. We have been guided by David over the past three years, we have individuals making return tours on the basis that David is our guide such is the respect he is held in. His ability to connect the history of both Biblical Testaments is astounding and engaging. Do not hesitate for a minute to engage his services you will not be disappointed.

Philip Did-Dell,
Director Shoreshim House Tours (New Zealand)
March 2015

Hoffmann Family Tour

We just returned from touring Israel with David from July 6 through July 11, 2014.This was our first trip to Israel and major trip of any sort. David is a fantastic person and guide. His love of his country and knowledge of the history, nature and religions is voluminous and he is generous in sharing it with this clients. We were in Israel during the start of the latest Hamas - Israel conflict. We altered our itinerary for one day. We never felt threatened or unsafe anywhere we went with David or on our own. David is more than a professional guide. He knows people wherever we went. He introduced us to artists, shopkeepers, restauranteurs, vintners, chefs and others along the way. Any recommendation he gave us was on point, whether it was a place to eat, shop, or what to do on our own. David’s knowledge of both the New and Old Testament brings everything into perspective. Traveling with a private guide may be more expensive than a bus tour. But, there are advantages, you tour on your schedule, David caters the tour to your interests, time frame and energy level, and you get personal attention and can have an open and frank dialogue about almost any subject relating to Israel or your tour, no question goes unanswered. Yes, it is hot in Israel in July. However, it in hot is most of North America. Do not let that deter you from planning a tour at this time of year. David’s car is air conditioned as are all restaurants and museums. David knows all the shady spots to sit and explain any site to his clients. Also, he knows the high points which one should see and hit in any particular spot and will abbreviate a visit to one spot or another if it is too hot. However, if a client wants more time to explore such a site, he will give them as much time as they want or need. We never ever felt rushed to the slightest degree. We are planning to return to Israel in 2016 and pick up tour with our friend David for the sites either we did not get to see or revisit those that meant something to us in more depth. Abe & Jayne Hoffmann

Trumbull, Connecticut, USA
July 2014

Slonina Family tour

David: Chris and I just wanted to let you know that we arrived safely back home, and have (regrettably) resumed our normal routine.   We greatly enjoyed our trip to your wonderful country, with so much to see in such a small place. I especially appreciated your explanations of the things we saw, the way you sat us down before we visited a site, explained the context of what we were about to see, the time frame, who was doing what to whom, why the site was particularly important, its relevance throughout the years, and, when appropriate, the readings from the bible that described the event(s). Your knowledge was very impressive, as was your ability to draw maps in the dirt.   We also enjoyed your insights into Israeli life and the events happening in your country, and the history lessons you provided regarding modern Israel. I must say, I learned a lot, and came away not only with an appreciation for the historic places we visited, but also with an expanded understanding of the issues that your country faces every day.   We continue to follow, with interest, the events unfolding in Jerusalem, and are grateful that the climate was relatively calm during our visit.   You were a great guide. Thank you.

Chris and Larry Slonina
Northbrook, Illinois
October 2014

Ewing-Senning Tour

David Hyman got a strong recommendation from trusted friends, sounded friendly, literate and professional on the phone, and within a day proposed the kind of balanced itinerary we had been struggling to make ourselves.  But my husband and I had some anxiety about entrusting our week-long trip to Israel to a guide -- and spending that much time with a "stranger."  We had never traveled that way before and in addition, were traveling with just one out of our two teen sons which was a new family dynamic. First, David was impeccably punctual, organized, and since he seems to know every square inch of Israel (via car or foot), a kind of logistical genius.  He is also an excellent driver in all kinds of terrain. And knows great places to eat. Second, David has knowledge, both deep and wide, in many, many topics including archaeology, history, flora and fauna, culture and politics.  He shares this in a way that is open, personal, engaging and thought-provoking. Most important, he is compassionate, funny and warm.  He communicated the miracles, and complications, of Israel in a way that brought meaning and insight to all of us (a mixed marriage family with a skeptical teen). We recommend David without reservation.

Wynn Senning and Sandy Ewing
New York City, March 2014

Galilee Church Tour

David, A much belated but heartfelt thank you for your spectacular oversight and instruction during our recent trip to Israel. Truly, as we said ,many of us have had guides on many other trips, but never had we had one who was so informed , balanced in comment , thought provoking in presenting alternative thinking, sophisticated and friendly. We could not have had a more memorable trip. If ever you and your family come to the United States again we would love to host you. All the best and thank you again, Dubby and Susan Wynne

Virginia Beach
October 2013

Yoakum and Bernstein Tour

Hi David. Just a note to let you know what an amazing time our family had with you during our time in Israel. Randy and I both knew that you would be terrific from talking to our mutual friends, but you far exceeded our expectations! From your knowledge of absolutely everything from biblical, geographical, political and whatever else I left out,  to your advice for us when we ventured out on our own, to your patience and calm being, you rate #1 in our book! I know that Audrey, Darren, Sarah and Rachel feel the same and we are all so grateful that we listened to Sarah Russell and Marci and Mark regarding your expertise and welcoming spirit. We couldn't have asked for a better person to share Israel with us and wanted you to know that you are the reason our trip turned out as wonderful as it did. FYI, Petra was like stepping back into another time. I was entranced with everything about it. What a beautiful, unique place. We are all going to create our memory book(s) but I wanted you to know that my two personal favorite memories were climbing Masada and experiencing Yad Vashem. Both touched me deeply and gave my childhood back to me. Thank you again, dear David. We won't hesitate to tell anyone we know who is considering a visit to your country to plan and spend their Israeli experience with you. While we know that everyone thinks that their guide is the best, we are absolutely positive that our guide, David Hyman, is the best!! With much gratitude, Gayle & Randy

Indianapolis , June 2013

Goodman Caplan Family Tour

My family and I visited Israel in March of 2012. My wife and In-Laws had been previously, but our two sons (ages 11 and 13) and myself had not. We were only going to be in the country for eight days, and we truly wanted the boys to experience as much as we could possibly get to. We hired David as our guide and we could not have been happier with the trip. First, he and his team handled all of our logistic as far as hotels, transportation meals, etc. We didn't have to worry about a thing, and it was a great relief to know everything was in place and handled so professionally. But more importantly, being with David for the week was truly a blessing. By the end of the week we felt as if we had spent time with an old friend. David's knowledge of Israel, it's history, it's landmarks, and it's people is remarkably extensive. Each and every stop was filled with explanations that were not only highly informative, but were also explained in a manner in which my boys understood the significance of what they were seeing. You can really tell that David was a teacher, his storytelling was engaging while also being highly informative. If you are visiting Israel and want to enhance your trip by being guided through the experience, I can not think of a better person/guide to do it with than David Hyman.

Mitchell Caplan,
New Jersey USA
March 2012