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For the more athletic traveler Israel offers an endless variety of attractions to stimulate the mind and raise the adrenalin!


Day 1 – Tel Aviv

Ancient Port of Jaffa, Nahalat Binyamin Pedestrian Mall, Yitzhak Rabin Square, the new Palmach Museum.
Gem of the Day – join hundreds of Tel-Avivians as they jog along the beautiful Mediterranean boardwalk from Jaffa to the new Tel Aviv Port.
Overnight – Tel Aviv (optional evening out – Israeli night club).


Day 2 – Mediterranean coast

Sky dive at the THE PARADIVE CLUB, the only skydiving club in Israel and located at the Habonim beach.
Bike the “single” trails of Mount Carmel on hired mountain bikes.
Gem of the Day – Mei Kedem (underground water caverns).
Overnight – Haifa.


Day 3 – The Galilee

We will take a day hike to the magnificent Kziv River to enjoy the clear water pools, and the vistas of the Mediterranean wild life and wild flowers, and clamber over the ruins of THE MONTFORT, an ancient crusader citadel.
Gem of the Day – enjoy Israeli hospitality at my home at Koranit.
Overnight – in the North.


Day 4 – The Golan Heights

Hike the Yahudiyah Nature reserve, and then cool yourself with a fun Kayack run down the Jordan river.
Gem of the Day – descend 25 feet ladders into cool deep pools.
Overnight – in the North.


Day 5 – via the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem

Swim in the thermal warm pools of the Sachne Park.
Before entering Jerusalem, hike in the enchanting gorge of EIN PRAT – a desert oasis with water pools, and see an inhabited Greek monastery built precariously on the edge of the cliff.
Gem of the Day – Climb up the hanging chambers of the monastery.
Overnight – Jerusalem.


Day 6 – Jerusalem

Visit David’s city and wade through Hezekiah’s tunnel. Spend some time at THE KOTEL.
Gem of the Day – walk on the Old City ramparts.
Overnight – Jerusalem.


Day 7 – The Desert

Early departure to the Judean desert, and take a day hike along Nachal Arugot, part of the desert oasis of Ein Gedi. Walk along the narrow trails on the side of steep ravines and see cool water falls in lush oasis flora.
Gem of the Day – meet the desert wildlife – mountain goats, Syrian ground hogs, and birds of prey.
Overnight – Mitzpe Ramon.


Day 8 – The Desert

Mitzpe Ramon offers endless opportunities for fun outdoor activities which include rappelling 100 feet down a cliff onto the floor of the Ramon Crater. Take a night jeep trip in search of the nocturnal desert wildlife.
Gem of the Day – camel rides and hiking to hidden gems of the Negev desert.
Overnight – Mitzpe Ramon.


Day 9 – Mediterranean swim and fun

At the remote park of Nitzanim, on the Mediterranean coast, swim and bodysurf in the Med, and then end with a fun self driven ATV tour along the sand dunes.