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This is a tour that combines Israel’s long and complex history with current culture and society.


Day 1 – Tel Aviv

The old port city of Jaffa is one of the world’s oldest cities. It is mentioned in ancient Egyptian scriptures 3500 years old. It is also famous for the story of Jonah as this was his port of departure on his way to Nineveh, before being swallowed by the whale. A tour of old Jaffa combines narrow alleys, churches, art galleries, and beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

Tel Aviv night life – Tel Aviv, the leading cultural scene of Israel is known as “The City that Never Sleeps”, with its hip bars, restaurants, music and dance.


Day 2 – Nazareth

Nazareth is the cradle of Christianity, home to two of the most important churches of the faith. A bustling city with ancient historical sites; the Church of Annunciation is a magnificent architectural gem.

Following a tour of this historical city, we will visit the new Elite chocolate factory in Upper Nazareth. This factory uses cutting edge technology for producing the world’s most delicious chocolate.


Day 3 – The Galilee

Ancient Akko – this scenic medieval period crusade city still holds many secrets all waiting to be revealed via an underground tour of the recently excavated Halls of Knights.

Visit the Teffen Industrial Park, site of the successful Yiscar metalworks plant, recently purchased by Warren Buffet. The Teffen Park was founded by Mr. Steph Wertheimer, Israel’s most successful industrial tycoon.


Day 4 – Golan

The ancient synagogue of Kazrin dates back to the 5th century AD. A tour of the synagogue ruins reveals a golden époque in Jewish life throughout the Golan. Thirty five synagogues have been excavated to date in the Golan, and we will study the rich life and culture that dominated this part of the country.

The Golan Winery is also located in the small town of Kazrin. The local farmers have succeeded in creating fine vines, and the modern winery is open for visitors for tours and wine tasting.


Day 5 – Jerusalem

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem holds collections of ancient cultures, artifacts that can only be seen here such as the chalcolitic treasure from the Judean desert. We will visit the magnificent model of Jerusalem as it was during the Second Temple period. We will complete the tour with a visit to the Shrine of the Book, where we can see one of civilization’s most meaningful finds ever – Torah parchments that were preserved for two thousand years, and were discovered during the nineteen forties.

The modern facade of Jerusalem will be explored with a walk through the city’s Machane Yehudah market. We will join the Jerusalemites as they shop at this colorful loud outdoor food market with all the freshest products and authentic atmosphere.


Day 6 – Bet Guvrin and Beersheva

Bet Guvrin National Park holds many secrets under the roaming hills of the Judean plains. An underground Hellenistic period city was revealed recently. Caves, grottos, secret passages, water cisterns all create a maze of underground surprises. Beit Guvrin is one of Israel’s unique gems.

We will visit the Israel Air Force academy base just outside of Beer Sheva. Absorb the technology and the brainpower that create Israel’s superior military force.


Day 7 – Sde Boker area

We will visit the ruins of a Nabatian city. The ancient town of Avdat was one of the many desert forts guarding the ancient routes from Arabia to the Mediterranean coast. The Nabatian culture is frozen in time and we can visit the ruins and study this fascinating people’s contributions to history.

Ben Gurion’s hut in Kibbutz Sde Boker is the best place to encounter Israel’s founder and first prime minister. Mr. Ben Gurion retired to this remote kibbutz in the central Negev, and lived his remaining years in this tiny modest hut.


Day 8 – Hebron

Hebron is very rarely visited due to security restraints. However, the city of Hebron is the site of one of Israel’s most holy places – the cave of Machpellah. This 2000 year old structure, built by Herod the Great, covers the site of the ancient cave where our patriarchs are buried. A Jewish minority surrounded by a bustling Arab community are trying to live together with very little success.
A visit to Hebron is an excellent example of ancient and new in Israel.