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So you have been to Israel many times, and you are well acquainted with the sites and the history. Now it is time for you to meet the Israelis. This tour will take you to remote corners of Israel, into homes of some of my friends who represent the diversity of Israeli society.


Jerusalem and Vicinity

Meet a real Israeli shepherd family who live on a remote hill outside of Jerusalem. This young couple and their children raise a herd of goats in the traditional way.
A day tour to the town of Hebron where we will be hosted by a family who have chosen to live close to the Machpella Cave, and are willing to share their experience as Jews in the midst of a large Arab city in the west bank.

A Bakers life – we will visit one of my best friends, who together with his wife, own a successful bakery. We will meet, talk, and taste the different delicious breads.


Tel Aviv and the coast

A Tel Aviv university student will offer an insight to the hip side of the Tel Aviv scene: the trends, the nightlife, tiny student apartments, and the music and art of this bustling great city.


Minorities of the Galilee

Let’s meet my close friend Wachid, from the Arab town of Sachnin. He will host us in his spacious home and share with us the trials and tribulations of being a member of the Israeli Arab minority.

In the picturesque village of Pekiin we will visit Anan, a member of the Druze community. He is an officer in the IDF, a war hero and a proud father of five.

We will visit the town of Nahariyah and will be hosted by a Lebanese Christian family, who fled from southern Lebanon in the Year 2000, after the final withdrawal of the IDF. This family will share the frustrations of the life of refugees, and the longing for their home in Lebanon.
The Sawaid Family live in the Beduin village of Salama. They live a modern life but with a traditional spirit. We will learn how they blend Islam, Nomadic traditions and Israeli modernism into a unique attitude to life.


Farmers and Kibbutzniks

My friend Peretz lives on a Kibbutz in the Golan and is a beekeeper. We will spend the day with him and his family, and learn about the kibbutz and admire how they face the challenges of a changing society.
Amnon and Dalya own their own private farm in the Galilee. They are also both great cooks, and visiting them is a celebration of taste and color.
Avishai is a modern Israeli Cowboy. He lives in the Golan area, and roams the land on horseback looking after his cattle.