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Here is a rundown of my favorite sites and places in Israel!
These are some of the special “off the beaten track” spots that I never tire of visiting with family and close friends. I would love for you to join me and explore them on your next visit.


Jerusalem and Vicinity

A walk along the Old City Ramparts to see the great vistas of Old and New Jerusalem, with a glimpse into the backyards of the Old City dwellers and a unique appreciation of the religious diversity of the greatest city in the world.

Ein Yael is a biblical park located near the zoo. Here, all age groups can enjoy hands-on activities. This site is a true gem providing a memorable experience for all the family.

I grew up near Ammunition Hill and it is a place of childhood memories for me. Now a park, but in June 1967 it was a battlefield during the Six Day War. Explore the restored trenches and bunkers and visit a small museum.

Ein Prat is my favorite national park near Jerusalem, only a fifteen minute drive away. This is a hidden desert oasis with clear fresh water pools, picnic tables. Hugging the cliffside of the Prat River gorge one can see an amazing monastery which is even today inhabited by monks.


Tel Aviv and the coast

Old Jaffa – this is a place where I can spend days roaming the alleys, hanging out in the old port watching the fishermen, walking through the flea market and shopping for chachkees in the Carmel market.

HaBonim beach – the best beach in Israel!!!!



Nachal Amud is one of my favorite places for a hike. During this two hour roundtrip hike in the shade of gigantic trees alongside a little cold water stream you will pass by cool water pools, ancient water-driven mills, a restored irrigation system run by gravity and flooding, and enjoy a peaceful getaway from the crowds.

The summit trail of Mount Meron
This is a short one hour trail around the summit of Mount Meron with 360 degree vistas of the north of the country. In the fall and winter the fields become carpets of beautiful wild flowers.

Tel Dan is my favorite national park in the north. This tiny area has it all, including meaningful excavations of a biblical archeological site (Tel Dan) , rushing water streams through lush vegetation, clear water pools to wade through, and a shady picnic area by the water.

Hidden Monastery
There is a secret hidden tiny monastery built in a restored water reservoir on top of one of the hills of the Galilee. This active hermitage is inhabited by a few European hermits, who live a modest and simple life. The location is kept secret, but I would be glad to take you there.


Dead Sea Area

The Dodim cave in the Ein Gedi Oasis is only an hour away by foot from the frequently visited national park, and there, you will enter “heaven”. This is truly my favorite site in the whole of Israel. It is a natural semi-open cave overlooking the Dead Sea and the Ein Gedi Oasis. Clear sparkling fresh water runs through the cave and creates the sweetest pool for cooling yourself on a hot day. The surroundings of the cave, the water, the view and the warm weather, together with the sweet smell of the blooming flowers will explain the name of Me’arat Dodim – The Lovers’ Cave.